Fieldwork Snapshot from Dakar (Senegal)

Pierre Wenzel is currently on fieldwork in Dakar, looking at different uses of cement shaping and transforming the city. His work brings him to various locations related to cement: from construction sites (photo 1) to open-air artisanal cement brick factories (photo 2). The pictures show a great contrast between the grey concrete, the trees, and the bright clothes, suggesting different activities and lives entangled with each other around cement.

Looking forward: trees vs concrete.
© Pierre Wenzel, Dakar, 2023

Colors shock: bright clothes drying on grey bricks after laundry.
© Pierre Wenzel, Dakar, 2022

“Slow Fires” at RIFS, Potsdam

© Geoffrey Aung

Geoffrey Aung participated in a workshop for ongoing writing projects at the Research Institute for Sustainability (RIFS) in Potsdam, Germany. He presented a proposal for his draft book manuscript, provisionally titled “Slow Fires: Logistical Politics on a Capitalist Frontier.”

Sedimented Visions at the 18th RAI Film Festival (3-31 March, 2023)

The Sedimented Visions team is excited that our panel proposal has been accepted for the 18th Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) Film Festival, which will take place 3-31 March, 2023. Our panel is titled “Sedimented visions: transmedia futures across visuality, politics, and material worlds.” It will take place online on 10 March, 15:30-17:15 CET.